The Narcissist Issue


Given Narcissus’ origins, it’s only fitting we take a little trip over to Greece. Above, you see Michelangelo’s depiction of Narcissus mere moments from being trapped in the myth that gave rise to this issue. But, are all Greek men so self-obsessed? In this piece, freelance writer Jimmy Im says yes, and rightfully so. Men in Mykonos may love themselves and their bodies, but Im doesn’t think that’s necessarily bad. Find out why, after the jump.

(Update: An astute reader pointed out that the picture is not, in fact, by the famous Michelangelo, but was composed by Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio, who’s known just as Caravaggio. Good looking out.)

Get ready to pack your best lube (and even take it on the plane) because Mykonos is all about getting tan and getting laid. Not only is it the most famous island of the Cyclades in Greece, it may be the most narcissistic. And, not incidentally, the most gay friendly.

Homos can’t resist the hot guys posing on the sprawling white beaches against the equally gorgeous mountainous landscape and piercing blue sea. And, of course, nude handsome men can’t resist flaunting their goods shamelessly, dangling the proverbial gay carrot. Needless to say, the cruising makes Fire Island seem like the Jersey Shore. Perhaps it’s Mykonos’ European appeal and diversity of international men that makes it come out on top. (Pun intended.)

Lolling about this idyllic, romantic, and very Calvin Klein (think whitewashed homes and aqua blue domed doors) hot spot, one can’t help but to feel like a Greek God after a long day of sunbathing. There’s more eye candy here than the cast of Falcon porn, but whether you’re a looker or a poser, you’re always someone else’s meat.

Most travelers flock to Super Paradise, the designated ‘party beach’ where techno music blasts 24-7 and the party has no limits – and virtually no rules! Similar to the other popular beaches–Paradise (a notch down in party-mode, but celebratory nonetheless), Elias (the relaxing beach where sunbathing is a ritual) and Ornos (the small family beach with, well…families, if you’re into cruising married men)–it’s segregated in two sections: heteros to the left, homos to the right. Given the European proclivity for skintight Speedos, you’ll welcome the distinction. Never fear, nudity isn’t discouraged – it’s almost too common you’ll find uncut cocks flapping around to the rhythm of poppers surging through their blood.

It’s difficult not to be hard on yourself in Mykonos, particularly if you don’t have a chiseled bod and a gorgeous tan. But, then again, it’s equally difficult not to be hard as a rock when all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the scene of hot gay men being hot gay men.
-Jimmy Im-

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