The Narcissist Issue

If you’ve be keeping up, last week we unveiled the first installment of The Narcissist Issue. While some of you out there have griped about our unorthodox – and perhaps unflattering – use of the word “narcissist,” we implore you: wait until all is said and done before jumping down our throats. (That’s the first and last time you’ll hear us say such a thing.)

Sure, we know that most of you out there equate narcissism solely with self-obsession, but we’re looking to expand that definition. No, we don’t mean self-esteem. We mean narcissism – a self-awareness that involves reflection, emulation, and, yes, a bit of obsession.

We sort of blew our load all at once last week, but this week we’re going to prolong the magic a bit. First up, we’re heading over the England to catch up with photographer Stuart Sandford and chat about his gorgeous, thoughtful and, yes, sexy work.

And, of course, if you missed last week’s articles, click on the link below and experience the glory. You’ll thank us later.