The Narcissist Issue: I Line Cosmetics


As meticulous readers of Queerty, you know that Ari Gold, one of the many artists featured in The Narcissist Issue, has signed on to represent I Line Cosmetics. Founded by a charming man make-up artist by the name of Irwin Rappaport, the line will soon be available for all the enjoy.

In conjunction with our interview with Ari, we did a little sampling of the products. While we spend most of our time unkempt in dirty clothes, when we take the odd shower and actually put a little effort into our appearance, we take our product very seriously. Find out what we thought of the various samples sent our way, after the jump.

Rappaport sent us a variety of products, some better than others. Here’s what was included:

Vitamin E Cream: Widely regarded as one of the best anti-oxidants around, vitamin E’s a great way to protect your skin from free radicals that lead to premature aging (and nobody wants that, do they?) Less greasy than some, I Line’s cream absorbs nicely and did wonders for the bags under our eyes. Now, if we so choose, we can go out without looking like Morticia.

Facial Cleanser
: We were a little worried when the face wash came out looking like shampoo. Would it dry us out, thus turning our beautiful faces into nothing but ash? Thankfully, the answer was no. We were pleasantly surprised by the cleanser’s effectiveness. So often cleansers leave a residue, but I Line’s washed away straight away. Definitely better than using alcohol-based cleansers. Those actually will turn you into ash.

Muscle Rub: It took half our social capital to get someone to give us a rub down, but boy were we happy when it finally happened. With aloe and willow extract, this rub’s perfect for after those long days at the office, gym, or the corner. (Hey, hookers need a little pampering, too!)

Shaving Gel: We’re more particular than most when it comes to shave gel, so we hesitated to even sample this product. But, our journalistic integrity – or, what we call journalistic integrity – got the best of us and we had a go. Rather than foaming like a cream, the gel suds only minimally. The aloe extract, coupled with the grape and sunflower oil, helps the razor slide with no knicks or slips. We felt more refreshed after that shave that we’ve ever gotten from nasty old Gillette.

Heal and Conceal Cream: With tea tree oil, Vitamin B, C, and E, this cream prides itself on treating zits, blackheads, and the such. We’ve got pretty good skin, but we did notice a difference in some of our more troublesome spots. The downside of this product is that one’s expected to apply 2-3 times daily, a commitment we simply can’t make. Also, while our skin certainly felt nice, there was a definite, unattractive sheen.

Shimmer Tint: I Line also provided us with a tube of shimmer tint cream. We’re not much for make-up, but we’re glad to have it for those rare occasions that we need a little sparkle. Warning: one only needs to use a tiny bit of this for a nice subtle shimmer. We learned that the hard way.