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The National Equality March Has $90k Leftover. What To Do With It?


Having put together the National Equality March in just a few months, Cleve Jones didn’t have time to get around to creating bylaws or an official budget for umbrella group Equality Across America. Which means now that the march is over, and EAA’s coffers have some $90,000 left over — thanks to cost reduction and fundraising — it’s unclear what’s going to happen to it.

One thing is (reportedly) for sure: It’s not going to Jones. Because EAA is a subsidiary of the Tides Foundation, that remaining cash — from a total of $260,000 raised to cover the event — will go to Tides, reports Bil Browning. Well, that is if EAA opts not to spend it. Which it might, if it decides to push ahead in creating a full-blown gay activist organization (which means recovering from a few major departures).

And who’s to decide that? EAA’s advisory board. Of which there is one member. Whose name is Cleve Jones.