The National Equality March’s 3rd Biggest Expense Concerns Poop


After you factor in the $30k for audio and video equipment for October’s National Equality March, and the $30k it’ll cost for setting up and tearing down the stage, the next largest expense for Cleve Jones’ big day — which 10 percent of you donated to — clocks in at $21,500.


And that’s so attendees have somewhere to take a dump.

That’s according to the budget forecast NEM’s accountant finally released. And yes, that amount is more than the insurance payment ($10,000), pre-march reception ($3,000), and security ($5,000).

Which is fine by us: Pour money into porta potties, ’cause nothing brings down a crowd like lines to evacuate.

And maybe en route to the toilets, you’ll have a chance to meet Queerty commenter Charles Merrill, who says he’s going.