The National Organization for Marriage Won’t Release Its Financials. But It’s Demanding Them From Others?

The National Organization for Marriage, which has been deliberately hiding its financial records (which it’s required to release under federal tax code), is now demanding via subpoena the financial information from Californians Against Hate’s Fred Karger (along with all written and email correspondence tied to his various causes and boycotts). This is funny, because Karger, 59, really is a one-man show, and defines grassroots activism. NOM, meanwhile, is a front group for the Mormon Church, and is funded by right-wing bigots, and the lawsuit it filed (which calls Karger as a witness) is an attempt to clamp down on transparency in politics, in a move to keep private the names of anti-gay financial donors.

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  • Jason

    Bigoted AND hypocritical.


  • Ken

    I say we find him some great lawyers, show up in court, and demand to see theirs, and get a court order. Offer up his own to the judge, and say, show me theirs, as they are already legally supposed to, and I would be happy to show you judge.

  • YellowRanger

    Conservative hypocrites?


    Surely you jest!

  • terrwill

    It is almost accepted as fact that this organization is funded by the Moron Church of Utah. This tax-exempt temple of hatred has funnelled millions of dollars into the anti-Gay marriage movement. Its kind of ironic: A church founded by a bigamist who wanted to marry multiple partners is fighting like hell to deny us the right to marry one person………Another component to the financial aspect of these rightwing-nutbags is that everything is based on lies and simple self financial gratification. They are actually some of the most brilliant minds to inhabit this earth. They have realized there is a tremendous number of people in this earth are basicaly unintelligent with a crainum full in goo instead of a brain. They are very easily manipulated and react based on key emotional triggers rather than reason. Pat Robertson, Maggie (the cunt)Gallagher, and hundreds of others use this to raise hundreds of millions of dollars in cash every year. Michael (don’t call me by my real last name, Weiner) Savage is constantly urging his listeners to contribute to his “legal defense fund” to help fund his “fight the extreme left wing” and their agenda to “remove him from the radio” These lemmings never stop to look at the absurdity of this, Savage is paid millions of dollars each year for his syndicated radio shows, and has had multiple top selling books which put the poo which usually spews out of his mouth into print. Of course he constantly urges these ignorant fools to purchase his books. These subhuman scumbags are laughing all the way to the bank…………

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