The Navy Won’t Fire Captain For His Homophobic Anal-Probe Videos

USS Enterprise Captain Jean Luc Picard Owen Honors won’t get the boot for showing 6,000 sailors aboard his nuclear-powered aircraft carrier  self-produced “instructional” videos” which included homophobic slurs, softcore shower scenes, anal probing and simulated sex, masturbation and poo-eating.

A Navy insider says even though he gets to keep his job, it’s almost certain the captain will never get promoted again. Of course, if he decides to end his 30-plus years in the Armed Forces, Honors could have a promising career directing gay porn.

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  • slanty

    He’s clearly unstable and he’s in control of a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier. Yeah, I feel safe.

  • Gay Veteran

    Okay let’s make this about how white people tend to be more homophobic than other races. I really wish President Bush would talk to the “white community” about their homophobia. Blah, Blah, Blah. More comments about race instead of the actual homophobia. Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah.

  • christopher di spirito

    Members of the military brass are like cops. They literally get away with murder and it’s all a big, fucking joke to them and please, no calls for Obama to fire this guy. Obama is terrified of men in uniform. His 145lbs. frame quivers before a man in uniform.

  • JAW

    He has received much more public humiliation then he dished out… he now has to face the crew he works with daily.

    I think that the Brass above him that did not put a stop to it, indeed encouraged it, should be the ones that should pay.

  • Yellow Belly

    Shameful. He should be tied to the yardarm and forced to walk the plank.

  • OhPeople

    This would never fly in the private sector. Trusting a morally corrupt man with a multimillion dollar piece of equipment and thousands of lives is complete lunacy.

  • milhouse

    These reactions are harsh. They were just letting off steam.

  • skzip888

    I’ve suddenly lost all respect for the overweight recruiter who hands out flyers in front of the Cinnabon at the mall.

  • Knarf

    Gay guy here who takes NO offense at Capt. Honors hi-jinx. I bet he’s as steady at the helm as any four-striper,plus I bet morale on the Big-E was higher than most ships.

    Honors should have had a slap on the wrist.

    b/t/w: He could probably make a bundle out of the navy pitching his story!

  • Spike

    There is a reason why the Navy has the highest concentration of homos.

  • Matthew Dimick

    It is a big deal that this man will never make rank again; being the captain of this 1,100 foot vessel with 8 nuclear reactors is a big job and is generally a clear path to making rank. This guy fucked up big time and he’s paying for it with his career. Hardly a slap on the wrist.

    Personally, I’m satisfied with the punishment he received. He’s humiliated himself, tarnished his career, and has nothing to show for it.

    Furthermore, it set a precedence that will make all other officers thinks twice before pulling homophobic shit.

  • Mike in Asheville

    @Matthew Dimick: Co-sign your comments. I will add an additional point: it costs the navy tons of money training command officers, firing Honors and the navy looses that investment. We have all endured shitty bosses, but that is not the same as a boss who endangers the lives of their subordinates. Honors was being shitty and has been reprimanded. The navy still has on-hand a qualified command officer.

  • slanty

    @Mike in Asheville: It’s more than being shitty… he just isn’t in his right mind, and it’s dangerous for him to command anything in the Navy. He should be fired for the safety of the people whose lives are in his hands, onshore and offshore.

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