twitter fight!

The Neil Patrick Harris Showdown With Kevin Smith Over Drugs + Acting

Neil Patrick Harris hopped on Twitter under two months ago, and aside from using the service to win silly online polls, he’s already found himself in his first Twitter fight. With another celebrity!

That would be Kevin Smith, the director and Silent Bob sidekick to Jason Mewes’ Jay in Clerks. And their little tiff is because of that poll. Asked by some NPH fans to throw some support behind the poll (where NPH is facing off against John Barrowman as the Man of the Decade), Smith refused, citing a 2008 interview between Neil and Ain’t It Cool News.

Neil Patrick Harris: They were smart for actually hiring two actors that were actual actors playing parts, instead of hiring two sort of dudes that were those guys. They didn’t hire like Jason Mewes and the other dude… Silent Bob… What is that movie Jay and Silent Bob, like what’s Jay’s name?

Quint: Jason Mewes, you were right.

Neil Patrick Harris: He was this drugged out mess of a guy that was his friend and so he just cast him in the movie and filmed him doing crazy shit.

So Smith was all up on Twitter saying, “I mean, why say something like that? S’not true OR respectful of a fellow performer. Dude essentially said Mewes isn’t an actor. Wow…It’s a snobby, reductive diss.” That was followed up with this four-part tweet: “They way he said it makes it seem like you guys waited until mewes got high & then rolled camera Which is not only untrue, it minimizes Mewes’ contributions as AN ACTOR. It’s a narrow-minded, ignorantly reductive sentiment, patched together from quasi-facts that aren’t even related. It’s akin to me knowing NPH is gay & knowing he’s on HIMYM, and then somehow coming to the conclusion that his process must include a dick in his mouth right before each take… & THEN EXPRESSING THAT SAME BAFFLING IGNORANCE IN AN INTERVIEW.”

Which caused Neil to, uh, concede. He tweets: “@ThatKevinSmith Didn’t realize the upset my words caused. Looked back at what you said, and I concur. Ignorance on my part. Apologies.”

And Neil’s animosity toward Jason Mewes is all the more surprising, because hasn’t he seen this man … act (link NSFW)?