The Netherlands Launches Site For Gay Guppies

The Netherlands’ faglings just got a new playground. Amsterdam-based activist group COC just launched an under-16 website to help the young pups come up in the gay world.

The kid-initiated initiative came around after this year’s gay pride, when the Tiger Beat crowd joined the fun with a float of their own, reports NIS. Since then, COC and a group of go-getter guppies have been collaborating on the new networking site, Jung & Out.

Before people start jumping to ManHunt-informed conclusions, COC Chairman Frank explains quells any rumors of sex-based subject matter, The main reason for young people of this age to seek contact is to talk to each other, about their doubts and about the feelings they experience.” The move’s especially remarkable because it gives these kiddies a place to roam without the threat of ever-increasing anti-gay violence.

The Internet can be used for good? Who knew!?

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  • PalePhoenix

    I could’ve sworn “guppie” was already in our vernacular. Otherwise, “gay guppies” is a lot like “pizza pie” or “Table Mesa” (it was a variant on yuppie). Faglings is a new one on me too, as I’ve always favored “princesses” (as compared to “queens”). Oh, well, enough pubic hair-splitting. Yay for gay youth.

    Why hasn’t someone successfully done this with a website in the US yet? Oh, thass rite…the whole “creepy older guys networking with twinkies” thing. How can we fix that here?

  • austinite

    Faglings? Wonder if Jerry Lewis will get away with using that one.

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