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  • James

    Sorry, but I’m glad. Only once in a blue moon is an American remake of an overseas show a success (like NBC’s The Office – and even it has its detractors). I doubted Fox would make the show a hit since they only know how to air cartoons, American Idol, and the occasional successful drama series (I like Fringe and 24).

    Bummer that Kirsten Johnston won’t be back on television though, I’ve always been a fan. I can’t remember her being in anything really good since she guest starred in the final season of Sex and the City and fell out of a window.

  • TANK

    Yes, well if they do find another network and fuck this up, they’ll be hunted down and made to eat the contents of their gift baskets…skin care and decorative soaps included.

  • Nickadoo

    “All in the Family” is the only show I can think of that, IMO, clearly surpassed it’s Brit-com original. While I’m willing to admit there’ve been other hits, both minor and major (“Three’s Company,” “The Office,” “Sanford & Son,” “Queer as Folk,”), that have come close, I can’t think of many others that fall into the “AITF” league.

    “Dear John” was pretty decent while it lasted, but I never saw the original, and can’t compare.

  • ryan

    I thought this had come and gone already…

  • Bruno

    “Fox passed.”

    Another reason to hate Rupert. Ab-Fab hater GRRRRR

  • jojoko

    this is probably for the best. but i still hope the pilot gets leaked somehow.

  • Brad

    Thank God! Nothing can even come remotely close to the perversity and irreverance of the original. US TV is too tame for the likes of Edina and Patsy.

  • Erick

    Good! Dont touch my Ab Fab.

  • Gregoire

    Doesn’t sound like it can cancelled because it was bad, but because it was too ‘femme’.

  • Shawn

    I too am glad! Kristen Johnston is so wrong for the role of Patsy. What made Patsy work was that Joanna was beautiful, had been a model, and was innately chic. Then having her play against those things help to make Patsy hilarious. She was a great physical counterpart to Jennifer’s floppy Edina.

    On Third Rock, Kristen was great, but in a total Xena way. Even now that she’s slim, she’s still not sleek or (sorry) that pretty.

    Someone like Vanessa Williams would have been a much better Patsy (and really her Willie on UG is kind of like Patsy).

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