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The New Gay Pride E-Cards Are Out, Hooray!

Time’s running out to get your Gay Pride cards in the mail! You do send Gay Pride cards to all your friends, family, and colleagues, don’t you?

Well, if you can’t be bothered to slap a stamp on a piece of cardboard, at least take some time to send off a few pixels. The catty queens at Someecards (is that how you write it? We can’t tell) have whipped up a batch of pink-tinted jpgs that capture the spirit of the season.

Our favorites:

Happy start of Pride month, everyone! Do you have your outfit all picked out?

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  • Atlas

    I have to say the one used for the article picture pretty much hit the nail on the head, and reiterates why I’ve never been a fan of the parades.

  • chrissie riot

    Some of those are horribly horrible and terribly offensive. That’s what makes them funny…right? :/

  • QJ201

    signed, an *sshole.

    Snark trying to pass at wit.

  • QJ201

    er as wit

  • Wrecks

    I went to the gay pride festival, but all I got was this sore asshole.

  • ChrisM

    I swear gays are the only minority that will genuinely insult themselves and not realize it.

    Queerty doesn’t realize that these ecards aren’t in support of gay pride – they’re marketed to straights, to make fun of gay pride parades. Maybe it’ll be more painfully obvious when more people like Wrecks above start to comment on this article. Queerty – accept that when you have something marketed to the general public about gays being feminine and catty, it’s not in the “You go boy!” spirit. It’s in the “aren’t fags stupid” spirit. Watching you promote things like this and insinuate that these stereotypes are true – all gays are flamboyant – is so effing embarrassing.

  • Atlas

    I think you’re being rather uptight. Other than possibly the fag hag one, I found all of these hilarious… because they’re TRUE. And I’m as homosexual as homosexual gets, and perfectly proud of who I am.

    Ignoring our own hypocrisies isn’t going to make us any more accepted, and the card used for the photo points out a particularly glaring hypocrisy.

  • ChrisM

    Atlas, it’s all swell that you identify with the gays in the joke. But stop promoting stereotypes! It’s gays like you, who say things like “as homosexual as homosexual gets,” that are making it ten times harder to dissolve these stereotypes. The goal isn’t for the world to accept gay men as feminine, flamboyant men who love men; the point is for them to accept and recognize us as a diverse group of men who love men – some who may be as previously described, and some not.

    I understand why straights want to generalize gays – it makes it easier for them to pretend that sexuality is black and white, like they’re used to having it. But why the hell do you want to?

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