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The New iPhone Game That Has Everything (And Nothing) to Do With Gay Teens

Sure, Apple’s iTunes store might have a bizarre relationship with sexy-fied apps (there one day, gone the next), but one thing is for sure: The Cupertino-based company has no problem with a little gay right role playing in iPhone gaming.

Valet Hustle, which its creators call “a cross between Tetris and Diner Dash,” has players … parking customers’ cars. Haha, don’t let that turn you off though, because the game actually looks pretty challenging in a Sally’s Spa sort of way. But if game play won’t do it for you, how about a gay-themed underlying story?

According to a release: “Depending on one’s personal preference, players can assume the role of either Ren or Akira, the young female or male offspring of a wealthy Japanese businessman. Both of these characters were expelled from boarding school for breaking the rules… they openly kissed a fellow student of the same sex. Though proud of who they are, both Ren and Akira are forced to bow to family pressure and take over one of their father’s businesses — a parking valet company that services high-end nightclubs and restaurants. Though mentally and emotionally up to the business challenge, Ren’s or Akira’s success ultimately is determined by the players of Valet Hustle. As players advance through levels, they learn more about Ren and Akira, whose personal lives are also on the upswing as they from move Tokyo to New York.”

Then should we expect scenes of Ren dancing at Splash on a Saturday night, yes?

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