New Porn Flick Finds Religion

The New Issue: ‘Passio’

Dark Alley Media’s first foray into controversial cinema brought us Gaytanamo, a gleeful mockery of the government’s war on terror and the Guantanamo prisons.

Now the mischievous movie makers are dipping their toes into the wild world of religion. And, not surprisingly, they’re going to get some shocks, gasps and, hopefully, moans.

James Withers chats with director Matthias Von Fistenberg to get to the bottom of the newly released video, after the jump…

Matthias Von Fistenberg’s Passio will surely make a few Fox News anchors explode – and not in a good way. In fact, it is safe to say that even those non-acolytes of the “fair and balanced” network will be disturbed by von Fistenberg’s Jesus. This savior could care less about clothing the naked or feeding the hungry, unless the meal’s cock.

“My Jesus is gay, stunningly beautiful and sexy. He gets aroused like all of us,” explains Von Fistenberg, who describes himself as a Catholic. The director also admits his Jesus story can’t be found in hotel room Bible. “The movie is a gospel, passio, version of the Jesus story according to

If people are shocked and appalled by Von Fistenberg’s re-telling of the Gospels, he gently reminds us that theocratic rules aren’t our lot. “Luckily we don’t live anymore in times when the Church controls the media and courts,” Von Fistenberg says. “Under the protection of our freedom of speech law, all biblical topics are open to any interpretation. Now, maybe the Pope will excommunicate me or Fox News will have a field day, but they wont be able to take away this important step towards exercising fully the right to free speech and artistic freedom.”
Though he expects howls of protest, Von Fistenberg reminds us that today’s revered religious art once counted as yesterday’s scandal. “From Michelangelo to Mantegna, Piero Della Francesca and Paul Gauguin, images of Jesus Christ have offended, delighted, outraged, and inspired the devout. For each controversial image, the sacred and profane was mixed in new ways, challenging viewers to rethink their own religion, spirituality, and sexuality. I will only mention that there are plenty of nude Christs in Renaissance art and nudity, courtesy of Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel, was considered obscene.”

Despite this art history lesson, even for a born again atheist such as myself myself there is something disquieting about these images Von Fistenberg is putting out there. A part of me would rather he just film hot guys having sex and leave all the religion stuff alone. Like a good teacher, Von Fistenberg makes me see the light. “As a porn director I am given the same tools as any other director so why should I not use them and express myself? Why should I pretend I don’t have my opinions, on politics, religion or on what’s sexy? My movies are made in a way that you can skip it all and go straight to sex. They have that utilitarian value, but it you watch them from start to finish they offer a view of the world as relevant as anybody else’s.”

Ultimately Von Fistenberg takes his job seriously and refuses to be restrained by the word pornographer. He’s not asking for the faithful to bow down to his vision of Christ. “You choose which Jesus is yours,” he says.

Regardless of your choice, the director remains convinced that underneath the outrage and disgust will be desire and want. “I’m a modern day Marquis de Sade. I show you what is sexy. First you think its wrong because you are so programmed by society, but later, when no one is watching, you can’t deny it.”

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