Artist Has Moist Lips, Hebrew Vocabulary

The New Issue: Tobaron Waxman

As part of “The New Issue,” we’ve asked a few queer cultural movers and shakers to share a list of the last five things they bought.

See what queer artist and chazzan Tobaron Waxman’s been collecting, after the jump…

Undergarments: It has become very important to me of late to have jewel colors in my pants. I find it improves my mood. Current mood: emerald.

Burt’s Bees lip balm: The need for mollification is constant, so I keep one within reach at all times.

Electric floor fan
: My studio is a windowless brick cube. If you were in NY in august, you don’t need to ask why.

Ulpan textbook: I’ve been studying modern Hebrew every morning for the past two months. A lot of my recent work is about Middle Eastern conflict. I thought the work would have more integrity if I could communicate better in the modern language. People laugh at you when you ask where the bathroom is in prayerbook Hebrew.

Alpha Brainwave Sensor Interface: My current performance installation, “Block of Ice +1/60” incorporates my brainwaves and other biofeedback data into a computer interface. I thought it would be cheaper to build from scratch, but trial and error proved too costly, and someone had already perfected the device, so i took the plunge. If all goes well, this will become my ‘little black dress’.

Check out Tobaron’s tubular website here!