The New L Word Is Still Lez, But Now It’s a Reality Show


It looks like homosexuals in Hollywood won’t be reduced to just playing B-list celebrity assistants. Ilene Chaiken, the power lesbian behind Showtime’s The L Word, is opting not to let the series — in theory — die with this year’s sixth season closer. Introducing The Real L Word: Los Angeles, which sounds every bit as trite as the MTV reality series they stole the name from. We’re just hoping there’s some Real Housewives mixed in there.

Chaiken’s new reality series, also airing on Showtime, will follow six real lesbians in Los Angeles as they go about their lives, moving in together on the second date, rebuffing heterosexual men who work in “the industry,” and breaking all sorts of lez stereotypes.

If all goes well (read: casting is a bitch), expect the series to launch next year. Or maybe this will go the way of Chaiken’s first L Word spin-off attempt, The Farm, which was basically DOA.

Oh, and for all you gals out there expecting Chaiken to finally bring some “real lesbians” to television, you can forget about it. She didn’t have any problem casting only beautiful, mostly lipstick girls on the original L Word, so don’t think for a minute she’s gonna put anyone on there whose career path ends at “pottery making.”

Martina Navratilova’s complaints about “too much sex,” meanwhile, will (and should) also be ignored.