The New Look


Sorry, no face lift jokes here. Just a new look we’re sporting. The goal is to give you more access to more content — much of which you’ll find only on Queerty — at a quicker glance.

Up top you’ve got our most important features of the day. That means exclusive reports, features, and analysis only available to our readers.

Then comes our stream of regular posts, keeping you updated on the news of the day, as it happens.

And below come custom “channels,” where we’ve grouped together our posts into various hot topics, which may swap in and out depending on what Queerty readers deem important.

And if you hate the new look? No problem. “Classic Queerty” is still available for you to use here. (Just bookmark that version instead of the homepage.)

Feedback is always encouraged. Leave it in the comments. Useful suggestions, and not “THIS SUXXXXX!!,” are always preferred.