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The New Reigning Miss America Believes in the Bible, Not Gay Marriages

Caressa Cameron, the 22-year-old communications student at Virginia Commonwealth University, was crowned Miss America on Saturday, a non-news event you’re excused for missing entirely. This is different from Miss USA, the pageant the ensnared Carrie Prejean in a bout of anti-gay publicity. But Cameron, the reigning Miss Virginia, is also no friend to homos.

Though she didn’t take the question during the Miss America pageant, during her fourth (and successful) try to become Miss Virginia, she told judges that she believed in opposite-sex marriage only because of her religious beliefs, but didn’t want a law out there banning gay marriage.

She is, however, making a name for herself as an AIDS activist. With an uncle who died from the disease and her family fostering a HIV-positive child, Cameron says she wants to use her crown to raise AIDS awareness.

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