The New Rent: Mormon Rentboy

Steven Fales

Steven Fales is just your average once-married, Morman, gay-prostitute who’s become a hit on the New York stage. His one-man show, Confessions of a Morman Boy, gets a kinda good, kinda bad write up in The Times.

“At one point, he strips to his underwear, illustrating his transformation into a sex worker, while also giving his audience (I counted three women there, two taken to the show by critics) some beefcake. Say this about Mr. Fales: he knows how to sell it. The question is, can he stop?

The Times has no choice but to try to keep their dignity, but lucky for you we don’t have to. The only reason to go see this is to see the muscled Utah hottie in his Calvins. Oh, and the story might be worth paying some attention to.

But we’re going solely for the flesh.

Gay Escort: Hunky, Likes Vaudeville, Mormon Background [NY Times]