The New Yorker Honors Lesbian Mothers

new yorkerTwo mothers are better than one. At least according to the new issue of The New Yorker. On the cover is an illustration of a happy lesbian couple reading a card and enjoying a fresh bouquet of flowers while their three children peer from around the stairs behind them.

Artist Chris Ware writes about the inspiration for his illustration on the publication’s blog, saying part of the credit goes to the progressive attitude of his grandparents.

“Now that the numbers are in on same-sex marriage, many Republicans are falling like dominos all over themselves to express their support for something that only a few months ago they steadfastly claimed to stand against,” Ware writes. “They’ll probably soon claim that this is how they felt all along, and they were simply too hamstrung by politics to be able to say what they really meant. Well, okay. In the spirit of openheartedness and what life is really all about, I’ll go so far as to say that the fear of others may mask some deep-seated desire to understand, and maybe even to love. Because really, what is there to be afraid of?”

He adds: “Few people today don’t know—or have in their families—at least one loving couple who are raising children, same-sex or not. And it’s really just the loving part that matters. That same-sex marriage could go from its preliminary draft of ‘diagnosable’ to the final edit of ‘so what?’ must indicate some positive evolution on the part of the larger human consciousness.”

It’s a score for mothers everywhere.