The Not-So-Secrets of Madonna’s ‘Refreshed’ Look

Vanity Fair Party

Publicist Liz Rosenberg has always said she doesn’t know anything about whether her famous client had plastic surgery. But a recent look at Madonna‘s face — just spotted at various Oscar parties — shows signs something is going on. Face lift? Probably not, according to the latest polling of cosmetic specialists. Just some amazing facial treatments (lasers! crystals!) and God’s gift to wrinkles, Botox.

Was it a super duper facial?

“It looks like she had a sapphire abrasion or a vibra facial. These are procedures in which the skin is exfoliated and a serum is applied,” said Dr. Suzan Obagi, director of the University of Pittsburgh’s Cosmetic Surgery and Skin Health Center.

Was it lasers?

Dr. Bruce Katz, director of Mt. Sinai School of Medicine’s Juva Skin and Laser Clinic, argued that lasers had a hand in Madonna’s fresh face.

“It’s very likely she’s had a new laser treatment called fractional resurfacing. It tightens the skin, takes away wrinkles, and tightens pores,” he said. “Her skin looks great — no sunspots, it’s supple, not tight, so it doesn’t have that pulled look, which is indicative of a facial treatment as opposed to surgery.”

Botulinum toxin?

Both Katz and Obagi agreed that whatever procedure gave Madonna her glow, she can thank Botox for her bright eyes and arched eyebrows.

“She’s had Botox, which gives her that nice, flared eyebrow,” Katz said. “In the older photo, her eyebrows are almost horizontal. In the new one, they’re arching up. That’s a tell-tale sign.”

“You can tell she’s had Botox by the arching of the brows and the smoothness between the brows,” Obagi added. “She has also had Botox of the ‘bunny lines’ — the lines that are created on the side of the nose. You can see in the more recent photos that these lines are not present even in full smile.”

Or just plain money.

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