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The NYPD Just Scored a Deal To Keep Its Faux Prostitution Sting a Secret


Of at least 30 men arrested by the NYPD on prostitution solicitation charges during the department’s sting on adult video sex shops, five have sued the city claiming their constitutional rights were violated. That includes Robert Pinter, whose lawsuit many thought would expose New York City cops’ discriminatory targeting of gay men. Except these five plaintiffs and their attorneys just agreed to keep confidential any documents that change hands during the course of the case’s discovery proceedings, which means reporters and the public won’t be privy to the information.

Which means local media actually trying to find out more about the NYPD’s crack down are out of luck.

Not that it changes anything: The city has continued to deny Gay City News‘ Freedom Of Information Act requests about the stings for years, except for three pages released by the Manhattan district attorney. Not even the always vocal City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, a lesbian, is helping keep things transparent.