The Obvious Giveaways Online Dating Scammers Make

Great news: Online gay dating scams aren’t just localized in Ghana!

Here’s a fun online dating tale from Australia:

Felix joined as he was looking for a serious relationship and had found men on gay-specific sites were generally just looking for sex. In April he was contacted by “William” who claimed to be a Melbourne photographer in London to organise his mother’s funeral. William later said he’d arranged to go via Sydney on his way back so they could meet. But the day before he was to return William claimed to be having trouble covering duties on his mother’s estate, suggesting Felix lend him £1000 to “strengthen the foundation of their relationship”. When Felix suggested he get a bank loan or credit card advance instead, William apologised, claiming he would see Felix in Sydney. William never arrived. deleted both profiles after Felix complained, which will surely teach those scammers not to go after unwitting gay men in the future.