The OK Government Won’t Mention The HRC’s 200K E-Mails About Sally Kern’s “Gay Terrorists”

Republican Oklahoma State Representative Sally Kern thinks that homosexuals are more dangerous than terrorists, but given her long history of anti-gay statements, that’s hardly news. Slightly more interesting however is that not a single Oklahoma law maker has bothered denouncing Kern’s claims, even after receiving over 200,000 e-mails from Human Rights Campaign followers asking Oklahoma legislators asking them to do just that.

Of course, HRC President Joe Solmonese has some politely stern words for Oklahoma:

“The silence of Governor Fallin and Oklahoma’s legislative leadership is deafening, particularly given the number of people we now see calling on them to speak out. Enough is enough. Sally Kern has a long track record of outrageously slandering LGBT Americans, ethnic and religious groups, and women. It’s time for Oklahoma’s leaders to stand up to her bigotry and hold her accountable for her remarks.”

Oh Joe. Don’t you know that the Oklahoma government only scolds Sally when she calls women and black people lazy?