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The One Time We Don’t Want to Hear Anything About Channing Tatum’s Manhood

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Channing Tatum‘s incident involving his penis, on the set of Dear John, has been making the rounds, but there’s something about the actor discussing his unit on national television that we thought would make the whole thing erotic. It did not. (Video via)

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  • terrwill

    His penis almost became a minus…… : P

  • Lourdes

    Ms. Ohmygawsh thinks the boiling water reached his vagina…

  • Oscar

    He is such a bad actor…

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones


    He is such a bad actor…

    Thank you! I’m glad someone said it. If this guy weren’t pretty, he’d still be a nobody in Florida, not a star in Hollywood.

  • UWSguy

    prick tease
    obviously looking for sympathy

  • Addyboo

    I think he is hot as fuck! He may not be the best actor, but day-um! I prefer him with very short hair, but still. I would have been pleased to be his nursemaid!

  • B Damion

    ok but! seriously. why is this guy even alittle famous? Yes he is a Horrible actor. But he also has the personality of a cement brick.

  • Bill

    Worry not.

    He’ll be a fat fuck in a few years.

    I predict heavy face bloating in his future.

    He’ll be of Marlon Brando proportions, if not in talent, at least in size.

  • Klarth

    @ #8 hmm..I think you’re right. Even in this video, he’s not as chiseled as I’m used to. I bet he goes right for the Krispy Kreme between every role. I wonder if he’ll be a hot daddy like Alec Baldwin.
    (still not my type, though)

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