The One Where Rosie O’Donnell’s Brother Considers Upgrading to a Federal Lawmaker

New York Assemblyman Danny O’Donnell, brother of Rosie, is a gay. He’s been serving New York for about eight years, and it might be time for him to try something new. As in: If Rep. Charlie Rangel decides not to run for re-election to Congress, guess who wants his seat?

“I like legislating,” says O’Donnell. I don’t want to be public advocate. I don’t want to be borough president…I like being a legislator, so it would be a great honor to be a member of the congressional delegation. … If you told me when I got here in 2003 that I would be interviewing for a US Senate seat I would have told you to take your medication and call me in the morning. But the world has changed.”

Ah, that O’Donnell family, always ready for life’s big achievements. And failures.