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The One Where We Truly Fall In Love With Real World DC‘s Mike (And His Mother)

Our interest in Real World DC‘s Mike Manning almost completely dissipated after he took that one guy home and made out with him on the pool table. But over the past two episodes, his bisexuality has become one of the main storylines. Namely, that his roommates no longer believe he’s bi — and that he’s full on gay. (That didn’t keep him from making out with two of the lady castmates, but whatevs.) And how he broke up with his boyfriend Tanner back home in Colorado, but still misses him, and is getting it on with major hottie Eric, but doesn’t want it to be too serious. Oh, and then there was last night’s episode, where he decided to finally tell the rest of his family about his big gay secret. It takes a lot to move us, and this was it.

“I’ve accepted the fact that I’m in love with a man,” Mike tells the camera as Tanner prepares his arrival. “It feels right to me, and there’s really no question about it.”

Mike’s mom is the best. And a mother always knows. Sisters, however, do not.
[flv: 650 340]

It takes Eric for Mike to realize he wants to be with Tanner. “I am in love and I want him to come out here.”
[flv: 650 340]

The part where Mike fawns over Rep. Jared Polis. And takes pictures of Jared’s pictures.
[flv: 650 340]

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