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  • Othniel

    It is good to laugh.

  • Charles J. Mueller

    Was anyone in that last percentile Jewish, by any chance?

    Oy veh! Soch a schlameel, that Marvin. ;-)

  • The Gay Numbers


  • Tim

    I hate to quibble with the Onion but I think that 4% is far too low a number.

  • Jerald

    Prop 8 passed because the people of California believes that marriage is between one man and one woman for life! All the other “reasons” are irrelevant!

  • jon

    does Jerald even know what the Onion is?

  • Tim

    @jon: I doubt he even noticed the percentages add up to just above 50%

  • The Gay Numbers

    @Jerald: Don’t listen to the others. You are really special. Would you like to come over for a six pack of beer?

  • addy

    HAHA, it’s idiots like Jerald who are too stupid to recognize satire that passed prop 8.

    Funny post though. Definitely made me chuckle.

  • Sam

    Is that Jerald holding up the sign in the picture?

  • Rigato

    Ok…now for the other 50%

    10% – Non-gay actors still angry over those pesky rumors

    4%- Dead people/criminals

    26%- Latinos who couldn’t translate the document but were told it meant deportation

    5%- Masochists

    5%- Meth-addicted Priests

  • M.Shane

    The Onion is usually about as accurate as anything else relative to it making sense. Good read for the spirit.
    Juding from all the B.S. coming from the bimbos screaming about their “rights to object” to gay marriage,or Jerald, this is far more moving sense wise.

  • Phoenix (Rainbow Warrior Sharpening the Guillotine Blade of Revolution)

    It should be:

    17% “Love and Support their son Frederick but don’t want him to marry that good-for-nothing Manuel”

    .001% “Vote YES on everything”

    Most people if they don’t know what a prop is about vote ‘NO’ in case ‘YES’ will raise their taxes.

  • cris

    Let’s not forget the 70% of black voters in California that voted FOR Prop 8. Talk about bigotry!

  • RCDC

    psssst… guys, it’s only supposed to add up to 52%. the other 48% voted no, remember?

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