yay or nay?

The Only Certainly for Marriage in NY and NJ: Nothing Is Certain!


Will New York finally get its shot at a gay marriage vote. It. Is. So. Hard. To. Tell! “Advocates” are “hopeful” that, as Gov. David Paterson calls lawmakers back to Albany, the bill will finally get an up or down shake. Sure, they also have a little thing called a “$3.2 billion budget deficit” to deal with, but this very tall man (Ethan Geto, a former Howard Dean campaign man) is certain all things are go. But things aren’t as rosy across the Hudson in New Jersey, where a a stab at enacting gay marriage is racing against Gov. Jon Corzine’s clock, for the same reason New York is having problems: legislators don’t want to bring the bill up for a vote unless they’re certain it will pass.