The Only People Whining About Naming Names Are Bigots


When it comes to hatemongerers, there are usually two options: Ignore them (and refuse to give them more attention), or confront them head on. Generally we opt to ignore them, though sometimes we go for secret Option No. 3: Reprint their outright lies and misinformation and expose them as charlatans — and then LOL about it. But when it comes to bigot Michelle Malkin, who traffics in rage, we’re gonna waste a few words.

Malkin, whose anti-gay sentiments are well-documented, makes her living by taunting others to engage her. Sometimes it works! Like when she defends anti-gay sentiments with falsified claims of privacy invasions.

“Following in the footsteps of the anti-Prop. 8 mafia, two gay activist groups have announced plans to ‘out’ Washington state citizens who sign petitions to oppose expanding same-sex partnership laws,” writes Malkin about something we covered earlier. “Now, imagine the uproar if the roles were reversed and anti-gay marriage activists were publicizing the names of petitioners supporting same-sex partnership expansion laws. But when they do it, they’re not creating a ‘climate of hate.’ They’re just exercising their free speech.”

Actually, we’re perfectly fine with you publishing the names of same-sex marriage supporters! In fact, help us get the word out, won’t you? Slap down our names and faces in whatever ledger you’re creating, right next to the heading “Supports Equality for All” (you know, for when history rears its ugly head and opponents are exposed as bigots).

And then please add our contact information and circulate a copy to every one of us so we can better mobilize. Thanks, Michelle!