The Only People Who Bother Writing Hate Mail To Jimmy LaSalvia Are Pissed Off Homosexual Lefties

It’s sometimes hard to get a date! No seriously, it’s not always easy to make the case to the gay community that conservative policies are good for all Americans, including gay Americans. So many gay and lesbian Americans blindly follow the left without being willing to even listen to the other side. In fact, the overwhelming majority of our hate mail comes from the intolerant gay-left.

—Jimmy LSalvia (pictured left, with Christopher Barron), executive director of GOProud, is reading all your communiques [via]

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  • One of the CA 36,000

    If this douchenozzle is having difficulty getting a date, you MIGHT start with the awful pompadour…! But his repulsive political ideas seal his fate.

    Sorry, dumba$$, but LGBTQ folk aren’t so stupid as to think that American conservatives would be supporting of our equal rights. Hell, most American conservatives want to see LGBTQ folk rounded up and imprisoned or given summary execution in the street.

    Like a brilliant [email protected] once put it on TV: “I may have been born yesterday, but I still went shopping!”

    You can’t sh!t on us and try to convince us it’s Ghirardelli chocolates.

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    It’s sometimes hard to get a date!

    Maybe he’s hanging around the wrong bathrooms?

    He doesn’t seem to realise that all the freedoms he enjoys today as an out gay man, are because of the gay left. You’re welcome, douchebag.

  • Mark

    Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy – I am a progressive and have been on the left side of politics long before you were probably a gleam in your daddy’s eye. You DO NOT KNOW what the hell you’re talking about and stop projecting!

  • Tony

    “In fact, the overwhelming majority of our hate mail comes from the intolerant gay-left.”

    That would be because we all smart enough to know what you don’t: That you are WRONG! And are seemly too dumb to know you’re being used.

  • kernelt

    Conservative is by definition old style approach (which most are outdated) and traditional without realize that it’s just made up by someone who’s long gone. SO OVER ALL Conservative is not the style modern society should take, not to mention that it serve no one any good being ill-inform and old-minded…

  • The One Who Knows

    Please – Jimmy is a screaming queen who wears enough foundation makeup on a daily basis to paint a Picasso. They (GOPride? GOProud?) totally embarrassed themselves at CPAC and totally flushed whatever credibility they earned down the toilet.

  • Charles

    He’s not the least bit attractive to me on the outside, and downright ugly on the inside.

  • Soupy

    I couldn’t date a man who had a “plantation” mentality towards his own people.

  • Patrick Barrett

    I hate GOProud far too much to bother sending them hate mail. I can’t imagine how much you’d have to hate yourself to actually date either of these douchebags.

  • justiceontherocks

    I don’t think he was one of the “popular people” in high school and never got over it. See me, see me, see me. It’s all about me me me. Very tedious.

    Who would want to date someone whose mission in life is so thoroughly fucked up?

  • Shannon1981

    Not surprised he can’t get a date LOL. Who in their right mind would want to date someone who belongs to a group of Uncle Tom fags who lets the right use them?

    Dan Savage had it right: gay quislings and useful idiots.

  • Patsy Stoned

    Oh, the old, “the left is worse than the gay-hating Republicans” mantra. Here’s a question for Jimmmy-Jim: How many gay people have voted to deny you the right to be married, go in the military or the right NOT to be fired solely for being gay? Now, how many Republicans have voted against you on each of those issues? How many gay people blame you for the decline of the country? Now, how many Republican pundits, preachers and politicians go on every media outlet (usually Faux) to complain that your very existence is a blight on society?

    Answer honestly, then kindly shut up and step aside so the adults can get the rights you’ll take but won’t fight for. Enjoy watching CPAC from the outside next year, you puffy-haired, empty-headed twat!

  • skzip888

    You mean good for wealthy people who may or may not be gay.

  • Jim

    Jimmy..If you think Republicans are going to help Gay People, you’re delusional.

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