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The Only Person Who Voted Against New Jersey Adopting Nation’s Strongest Anti-Bullying Bill

Both of New Jersey’s legislative chambers approved the Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights Act, which sends it to Gov. Chris Christie‘s desk. His signature, on a piece of legislation that bears the memory of Tyler Clementi and would update the state’s 2002 law, would make New Jersey home to the strictest anti-bullying law in the nation, requiring universities to have written policies and grade schools to train staff on spotting and preventing bullying as well as require superintendents to report bullying to the State Board of Education. The only lawmaker in either chamber to vote against the bill was Assemblyman Michael Patrick Carroll (pictured), who took issue with calling out specific classes of people subject to bullying. Read: the homos.

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  • Danny

    Um… someone better tell him he’s not fooling anyone before he makes an even bigger ass of himself.

  • rf

    Without Tyler’s death none of this would be happening. Christie campaigned on denying gays and lesbians full marriage equality and he’s been firing or threatening to fire NJ Supreme Court justices who might decide to grant full equality when that case comes up again. Plus Garden State Equality has been working on this for a year, the legislature could have taken this up anytime but now they’ve been shamed into it by a kid’s death.

  • Qjersey

    ONE representative voted against it. How many states have a similar record? NONE. Take that New York.


    Another vile reprehensive disgusting hatefull bigoted right wing scumbag, so readily identified by the horrific rug they all seem to wear………..

  • Daez

    Anti-bullying laws are, to put it mildly, BULL SHIT. You can pass a law for someone to stop walking down the street, it doesn’t mean they will.

    It really comes down to the simplicity that you will never control someone’s behavior no matter how hard you try, so you can only control your reaction. You can punish them for their behavior, but it still doesn’t stop it. If it did, there wouldn’t be a drug problem in this country and blacks wouldn’t be in jail disproportionately to whites simply because of drug related offenses.

    You are absolutely kidding yourself if you think the vast majority of schools and colleges actually give a damn about bullying. They pass these laws just to make it look good, and when the public eye is off of them its back to the same old practices. The vast majority of bullying cases we heard about happened in places where GLBT was including in the institutions own anti-bullying code that was being completely ignored.

  • the crustybastard

    Maybe this asshole could be the new “privilege denying dude.”


  • oldgayvermonter

    Hmmm. Did Queerty get this wrong? Maybe didn’t do their due diligence? Or are some comments just idiotic – also common on this site?

    In less than a minute I found the following article – and perhaps the legislator in question is in fact vile etc and wearing a bad rug, but he seems to have a point – bullying is directed against many others who are not gay or black or some other identified group. Band members, geeks, nerds, four-eyes, pizza faces etc.

    Just sayin’…

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