Mr. Cooper

The Only Thing Tony Perkins Has to Say Is ‘Horrible and Destructive’

Bigot Tony Perkins, who traffics in false science and skewed religious theory to promote the Family Research Council’s zealot agenda, keeps popping up when in the gay marriage debate. Last night, it was Anderson Cooper who gave him a platform. While Perkins maintains Jesus wouldn’t approve of any of this same-sex marriage stuff, luckily the Rev. Mel White, founder of Soulforce, called Perkins out for preaching hate: “They’re really saying things that are horrible and destructive.” Perkins can respond all he wants, but what White says is true: It’s this rhetoric that breaks up families, ruins people’s lives, and drives children to so hate themselves for how God made them, they surrender to their creator before their time. (Tune in around the 6:45 mark.)