The Orcs Of Westboro Baptist Church To Picket LGBT GaymerCon

Last week we told you how GaymerCon, the LGBT-focused gaming and tech convention beat its Kickstarter goal in just four days and has been galvanzing gay and gay-friendly gamers across the country.

Well, it’s also galvanized the Westboro Baptist Church, which has lashed out at the queer gaming convention in a new video (above) and promised to picket the event, being held in August 2013 in San Francisco: “Just what we’ve all been waiting for: a fag-focused gaming convention!” blares “correspondent” Charles Hockenbarger.

Hockenbarger is being sarcastic, but seeing how Gaymercon has raised nearly twice its budget and still has 18 days to go on Kickstarter, we’d say it’s exactly what a lot of people have been waiting for.