The Orcs Of Westboro Baptist Church To Picket LGBT GaymerCon

Last week we told you how GaymerCon, the LGBT-focused gaming and tech convention beat its Kickstarter goal in just four days and has been galvanzing gay and gay-friendly gamers across the country.

Well, it’s also galvanized the Westboro Baptist Church, which has lashed out at the queer gaming convention in a new video (above) and promised to picket the event, being held in August 2013 in San Francisco: “Just what we’ve all been waiting for: a fag-focused gaming convention!” blares “correspondent” Charles Hockenbarger.

Hockenbarger is being sarcastic, but seeing how Gaymercon has raised nearly twice its budget and still has 18 days to go on Kickstarter, we’d say it’s exactly what a lot of people have been waiting for.

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  • Daez

    How incredibly sad do you have to believe any of this shit. All it managed to do is make me laugh my ass off. The WBC is not getting to be good for a laugh and nothing more. How do you remix stuff that is this incredibly funny? Oh, and why do I get the feeling the anchor dost protest to much?

  • Daez

    @Daez: *not = now

    On a side note, does WBC really want to declare war on a bunch of gay gaymers? These are people that are so incredibly intelligent that they build computers and run algorithms just for fun. They are people that can quite easily hack computers and understand technology better than some mechanical engineers.

    In short, the WBC declaring war on gay gamers is like fictional David taking on fictional Goliath, and this real life where there is no fictional god to bless fictional stones.

    Has WBC never seen Revenge of the Nerds.



  • Daez

    Also, I totally and utterly refute QTs headline for this story. The WBC is quite easily a bunch of night elfs. Orcs would shred them!

  • MikeE

    @Daez: FOR THE HORDE!!!!!!! FU** YEAH!!!

    (sorry, got the better of me)

  • Charles

    Garnering attention and the subsequent making of money via lawsuits is the way that they survive and continue to exist. In this if everyone would just ignore them. In this WBC would dry up and wither away. Let them scream all they want, just ignore them. Always know that the more desperate they become for money, the more noise they make. My cat makes a big noisy ruck-us when he is hungry. These are no different.

  • Chris-MI

    You guys (and gals) do realize that Westboro announces they will be at far more events than their budgets and number could possibly cover and then watches media coverage to decide who to really harass? Congratulations, you just made up their minds. All I can say is better GaymerCon than some random serviceperson’s funeral.

  • Daez

    @Chris-MI: I agree. Bring it on. Honestly, I was not going to consider going to Gaymercon although I have been a gamer since I first played Final Fantasy (the original) on NES (1980s, I think), but if WBC is going to be there I totally want to be. Its like going to see the clowns at the circus. Except, these guys are more colorful and flamboyant.

  • Woody

    How dare you disparage orcs by linking them with westboro baptist maggots!
    Oops… I just disparaged maggots.

  • Scott

    Looks like Gaymercon is following in ComiCon’s footsteps. At both conventions, you’ll be able to see and take pictures of dumb monsters who are parodies of themselves.

  • Scott

    @Daez: A friend of mine thinks of them more like characters at a theme park. He always searches them out when they are around and tries to get them to pose with him for a picture. For attention seekers- they definitely do not seem to like it when he does this. Most of the pictures he has with them, he is in front of them and they have there heads turned. I was with him once and it’s pretty funny. The first time he saw them he thought they were a parody group, and he still treats them as such.

  • mike ramon

    The part of the country I grew up in the slang word for “shit” was “hock” and “barger” means” the manager of a barge,” I’ll guess “en” mean “the” Put it all together and I guess you could say his last name means,” the manager of a barge of shit. Now they have gotten so lazy they spell the word h-a-t-e, h8t. Lazy, and stupid you couldn’t find a better match.

  • Didaskalos

    Gaymercon? These kids are funny, fierce, and way internet-savvy. They’ll think of some prank to lay on the Westbabblers that’ll leave ’em looking like fools. I’m not worried about the Gaymercon kids getting their feelings hurt by those clowns, NOT AT ALL.

  • DouggSeven

    WBC will be protesting gays in San Fransisco…

    in San Fransisco



    Good luck with that!

  • Dwayne420

    @DouggSeven: Maybe someone will finally take care of these asses! Been waiting for the day when they piss off the wrong person/people and they are taken out ;-)

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