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The Ornate Jockstraps Worn By Ice Skating Stars


Dancing On Ice is a little British television show that is either a rip-off of America’s failed Skating With Celebrities, or the original version. Either way, it’s still airing over there, and not here in the U.S., which means the Brits are still treated to semi-famous people skating for cash wearing skintight outfits. Lovely. But what are these reality star contestants wearing beneath the Lyrca?

[Contestant Ray Quinn told told Real Radio Yorkshire’s Breakfast show:] “Did you know that Donal actually wore a diamante jockstrap for good luck on the night?” Dixie repeated it back to him as he couldn’t believe his ears… “You’re telling me that Donal Macintyre was wearing a Diamante thong?” “Yep” confirmed Ray, “You can ask him about that when he comes to Sheffield” he added. The studio was in uproar with presenters, producers and even Ray howling with laughter.

Earlier in the interview Dixie had asked about his ‘splits moment’ in his performance and any padding he may have had for protection. He asked; “I’ve got to ask you, it was cold and you went down with quite a thud… any padding involved?” “No not really: Apart from my jockstrap!” It seems that Ray’s jockstrap was standard issue so there nothing special down there.

Ray will be part of the forthcoming ‘Dancing On Ice Tour’ at The Sheffield Arena from the 2nd to 5th April where Gayle will be on the Judge’s panel for one of the days.

Dixie later added;”Well, I was shocked when I watched him do the splits in the final and thought to myself ‘Ooo, that’s got to have consequences later on.’ But to hear that Donal gave his performance whilst wearing a Diamante thong was just amazing.” Gayle Added; “It’s not for me to debate what a man and his sports underwear gets up to but, a Diamante Jockstrap… That’s special. I hope he wears it at The Sheffield Arena events.” [My Park Mag via UD]