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The Orthodox Jewish Rabbis Furious Anyone Thinks They’ve OK’d Gay Marriage


A group of Orthodox Jewish rabbis in New York City are demanding Americans don’t just think of the Mormon and Catholic churches as hateful places of worship, but synagogues too! It’s unclear how many “prominent rabbis” are joining a memo published in the conservative Zeh Journal, or exactly who they are, but a “broad consensus of Rabbis surveyed” (cherry picked?) want to fight back against the notion the Jewish community is on board with New York State’s gay marriage movement.

“Some of the most respected rabbis feel that our communities were smeared by the appearance that they were willing to accept same-sex marriage,” says Zeh editor Dovid Z. Schwartz in the release. “It’s broadly acknowledged that steps should be taken to distance the mainstream observant communities from the actions of politicians who support same-sex marriage.”

The release adds: “The Torah that the Almighty Gd gave to the Jewish people through Moses contains the tradition of interpretation of the Seven Laws of Noah, a universal legal, moral and spiritual code binding on all mankind that represents the bedrock of civilization. All human societies are required, according to the will of the Almighty Gd as taught by Moses, to refrain from 1) murder, 2) theft, 3) sexual immorality, including homosexuality, rape and incest; 4) to refrain certain types of cruelty to animals, 5) not to worship idols, 6) not to curse the Name of Gd; and 7) have a positive obligation to establish the rule of law through courts of justice.”

Oh, fun. We love it when religious conservatives volunteer to have a target placed on their backs. (That’s a criticism target, not a sniper’s one, let’s be sure.)