The Oscar Hook Up Ad You Didn’t See (From The Company Behind the Super Bowl Ad You Didn’t See)

Last month, you were either rolling your eyes or dropping your jaw over CBS’s refusal to air the man-on-man smooch ad from ManCrunch. It just so happens that the same company behind that ad also managed to get a spot rejected by ABC, which didn’t want to promote infidelity during the Oscars.

As we learned during the Super Bowl fracas, the gay dating ManCrunch site is owned by the same folks behind AshleyMadison.com, a website designed to let married persons discreetly cheat on their spouses. And while the Oscars’ commercial breaks aren’t nearly as buzzworthy as the Super Bowls, the sites’ conspirator Dominic Friesen recognized another opportunity for mostly free press, and dreamed up this spot — a spoof on Avatar.

It’s actually sort of cute and funny, but yeah, the whole “cheating on your spouse” thing probably isn’t’ something ABC wants to traffic in, so they blocked it. (Whether AshleyMadison.com ever really intended to pony up the cash to air the ad is up for debate.)

For what it’s worth, this Carl’s Jr. ad featuring Kim Kardashian was deemed suitable for broadcast: