The Oscars Chose a Homo to Produce. Will They Choose a Homo to Host?


Normally, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has selected who will produce, and who will host its annual Oscar show by September, because these things take months to prepare for. (Lots of time to call in special favors, you see.) But this year the Academy took until yesterday to announce who would have the thankless job of what will inevitably be lower ratings, panned punchlines, and an excruciating three hours of speeches interrupted only by Meryl Streep, who, let’s face it, needs to sweep in every category for Julie & Julia. So who has the unenviable job of attracting the hatred of Twitter? None other than Hairspray director, So You Think You Can Dance judge, and Miley Cyrus’ favorite gay Adam Shankman.

He’ll co-produce the March telecast with Bill Mechanic, the former 20th Century Fox chief-cum-movie producer (read: he’s got lots of A-list ins). The selection, evidently, “suggests that the Academy hopes to continue in the direction that producers Laurence Mark and Bill Condon paved with the most recent Oscar telecast, which shook up old traditions and resulted in a ratings uptick.” So long as Shankman brings along friends like this, we’ll be happy.

But this question still remains: Who’s gonna host the thing? Obvious answer: Neil Patrick “I’m Gonna Save Your Awards Show From Certain Death” Harris. If you can meet his quote.