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The Oscars’ Gay Super Producer Going For Circuit Party Feel

So this should be “interesting,” said in a way where “interesting” could easily be replaced by “cheap.” A-gay Hollywood producer and fundgayser Bruce Cohen and Don Mischer (who produced the 2004 DNC, which he was audibly upset with), the pair running this year’s Oscar telecast, are “taking a radical departure from past years. Producers of the Feb. 27 show are abandoning the concept of a traditional set. Instead, they will rely on a series of ‘projections’ to give the show a constantly changing look.” Throw in a rainbow kaleidoscope and a shirtless James Franco, and it’s basically a White Party.

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  • Todd

    Don’t care. Don’t care at all. God, this is boring.

  • hephaestion

    Look at the above photo of Franco. What fashion world idiot started commanding men to button the TOP button on sports jackets? It is 6000 times more hot to see a man button the BOTTOM button or buttons, leaving to top button open. It looks hideous to create a male pear shape by buttoning the top button. And then you see that bit of white shirt peeping out… ABSURD. Who started this insane trend????

  • Mark

    @hephaestion: The top button is always buttoned to hold the lapels in their proper position. The bottom button is left undone so the jacket or vest does not bunch or ride up.

  • SKOC211

    I for one hope that James Franco is a top button kind of guy. As a bottom button kind of guy that would just be terrific.

  • Jeffree

    @Scoc211: I like how your mind works! Except, in my head, the buttons are switched around…..!

  • Harbo

    James Franco can button any button he wants; he can unbutton any button wants. I’ll deal with the buttons either way.

  • Joe

    @hephaestion: probably the same person who set the trend for my Dad’s generation…oh and his father’s…and come to think of it, his father’s too.

    Where exactly have you been? That’s kind of the norm for suits.

  • Jason Dancin' to the Beat

    Every fashion guide and tradition has been to button the top button, not the bottom button.

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