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The Other Homoerotic Videos From Capt. Owen Honors’ Private Collection

Remember that Capt. Owen Honors guy, who wowed the USS Enterprise’s Naval crew members with his shockingly homophobic shower videos? Having been booted from his command and slapped with a letter of censure, Honors is now seeing his entire on-board video collection released to the public like one giant BitTorrent hoard of Oscar contenders. Suffice to say, you haven’t seen all of Honors’ homoerotic obsessions: In the video above, we see him discussing his male crew member’s underwear choices (banana hammocks, anyone?) as well as one sailor’s preference for “the gay stuff.” (Adds Honors’ floating commentator head: “This guy looks like he’s gay 24/7.” Zing!) Below, some censored male parts.


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  • zacht

    wow! i feel like everyone who is doing insane homophobic things right now is a closeted gay! in every area of our lives. we are our own worst enemies. this will only end once gays are totally accepted. guess we have a long road of this shit to go…

  • jack e. jett

    i don’t pay taxes for this shit so i don’t find it funny. nor do i find the milatary fun or funny for killing civilians and taking photos with them

    war is stupid. this fuckwad proves it.

  • Gay Republican

    What a moron! I am sure he is a Democrat.

  • scott ny'er

    Wow. So boring. And how many videotapes are there of this crap? I mean, they must’ve had a lot of free time to conceive, film, edit, storyboard, put effects on it. Nice to see my good tax dollars at work.

    I get how this could be viewed as fun, break the boredom at sea but they went overboard on it and it’s just a waste of time, money, and it’s disrespectful. Plus, to have a senior member involved. Really stupid.

  • Tony

    He strikes me more as a “Michael Scott” (The Office), with his persistent delusions of his entertainment value, than anything else, but the most important thing here is that I clicked on these thing hoping to see enlisted hotties in their underwear.

    Bad Queerty.

  • Drake

    Total closet case. He should be rejoicing about the repeal of DADT.

  • scott ny'er

    @Drake: Good point!!! I was more distracted by the homophobia and unbecoming behavior of a top ranking official. Now that you mention it, how bizarre for a straight guy to be behind these types of videos. Just for fun.

    This is the stuff SNL and comedy peeps would make fun of. Like, oh I’m so straight but let me zoom in on that guys cock. No, wait let me touch it. But, I’m straight. Hey, you 2 guys touch each other’s cocks, it’ll be funny. But, I’m straight.

  • McMike

    Wow, these videos are really offensive in many aspects. First off, for a commanding officer to say one of his crew “looks gay 24/7” is obnoxious. 2ndly, yeah, this guy is totally gay…

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