The Other John Galliano Racist Cafe Rant: ‘I Love Hitler’

So much for gay Dior designer John Galliano’s attempt to portray himself as an innocent victim in the Paris cafe fracas. Having allegedly hurled anti-Semitic slurs at a couple dining next to him at La Perle last week, Galliano has since attacked the couple accusing him of the barrage, saying they’re defaming him in the press. Except this cell phone video recording of a separate incident involving Galliano, obtained by the The Sun clearly shows the suspended designer isn’t exactly in love with Jewish people once he gets a few drinks in him.

Yes, that’s him offering euphemisms like “I love Hitler” and “People like you would be dead. Your mothers, your forefathers, would all be f****** gassed and f****** dead.” The couple his was attacking this time were French and Italian, and not Jewish. Says the couple’s friend, who filmed the encounter: “Galliano was sitting alone nursing his drink, when a few of us sat at the next table. Galliano kept intruding, throwing in comments about us and what we were saying. We knew who he was. He’s instantly recognisable. We were stunned by what Galliano was saying, but then he started making vile anti-Semitic comments. His words were disgusting. He made it clear the Italian girls weren’t welcome and should go home. This was pure racism.”

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  • andy

    Having attended the Paris Couture shows a few years ago, I used to really respect this guys work, but now I could care less about his work at Dior. I hope this is the end of him.

  • hf2hvit

    What would anybody expect considering what nature did to his face? Take it out and shoot it.

  • Fagburn

    I note the EDL sympathisers are less angry about this…

  • Peter

    What is this brown man going on about? I’m biracial (black and white) and I’m lighter skinned than this Hitler loving fool… Someone please inform Mr. Galliano, that he probably wouldn’t have faired any better than the Jews, in Nazi Germany…considering the fact that he’s gay…But this fool, probably doesn’t even know his own history!Gay men were oftentimes treated worse than Jews in concentration camps, because they were viewed as degenerate scum…Does he know this?

    I once saw a documentary on the fashion industry, what a group of vapid, useless human beings…It almost made me retch!

  • DJ

    He looks like Hitler. What a queen! He’s obviously not happy with himself.

  • mattsy

    where are the gay slaps I read about?
    And where is this freak from? It was bleeped out in the video.

  • Dev Paris

    OMG a gay that loves Hitler … and Hitler hated gays …

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