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The Other Scandal Involving That Other So You Think You Can Dance Judge


On the heels of judge and executive producer Nigel Lythgoe denouncing two male dancers who tried out together for So You Think You Can Dance comes a new scandal for the show! Photos Twittered by movie director, choreographer, and Dance judge Adam Shankman posing “provocative[ly]” with Miley Cyrus, whose movie The Last Song Shankman is producing, are causing a minor stir among … people who care about these sort of things. The Sun counts this as Miley’s third photo scandal of her own. The pictures are relatively harmless, but because Miley is just 16 (and Adam is a scary older gay, ahhh!), we must all freak out. NOW!

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  • Cam

    yeah, there is about as much sexual chemistry between those two as there was between Jodie Foster and Richard Gere in their movie.

  • galefan2004

    He looks pretty damn good for a scary older gay (in the photos at least).

  • mmmhmmm

    It’s actually completely her fault that this photo looks “scandalous.” If she were looking straight at the camera and smiling, there would be nothing wrong with the photo at all.

  • John Santos

    No matter what she wears, or how she poses, Ms. Cyrus always looks as country as a sugar sandwich. I will admit though, I like her Disney show–it can be pretty funny sometimes.

  • Teh Fail

    I agree with @MMMHMMM. This photo only looks provocative for two readson:
    A) Miley looks hot (I may be gay, but she looks good in the pic [Before people shout about pedophilia, let it be known that i’m 17])

    B) The way she is looking at him, with her back to him is reminiscent of other, less than platonic magazine/movie covers.

    Even though he is gay, apparently, something about this picture just doesn’t seem right. Perhaps I’m just being a prude. *Shrug*

  • Teh Fail

    Here is a quote, Via E News, that provides some much needed perspective.

    “The 16-year-old was hanging out with her Last Song producer Adam Shankman yesterday in the makeup room where they were “joking around like girls see pics in magazines” and he posted the photos on his Twitter.

    Then he had to defend Miles after everyone accused her of looking skanky: “Miley is a sweet angel who works tirelessly and endlessly, and is allowed to have fun in the make up room! Seriously! Lighten up or no more behind the scenes pics! She’s like my angel little sister.””

    Given that bit of perspective, I no longer care about the pics. He puts forth a very important point. It is not like they were doing something naughty and he decided to post the pics for fun. HE regularly posts behind-the-scene pics. These pics just happened to be of miley letting off steam. When you think about it, she does work -much- harder than the average teenager. In addition, this all happened in her makeup room, not a club or other public place. Let he have her fun.

  • 7SK

    BREAKING NEWS: A teenager makes a sexy face for a gay man with a camera. (see: modeling, photo-shoot, Megan Fox)

  • jim

    hasn’t she been 16 for about 5 years now? whatever.

  • paul-e-wog

    Feels like I missed the story somewhere. Probably because there isn’t one.

  • alan brickman

    they look great together…get a life already!!

  • alan brickman

    nigel said the right things to those two losers…please to play gay card to get ahead..you just shove the good gay dancers back when you do that..

  • more ale in my tea AKA morality (fkd up & disgusting)

    Everytime when I see her, Miley that is, I imagine cum splattered all over her face and at the same time she’s singing into a microphone in the shape of her daddy’s big achy breaky penis….Its her lips, they’re “not that innocent”

    – Britney Cheers

  • razz

    i’m sorry but damn, he looks great with the haircut and the aviators…hot daddy!

  • Timmeeeyyy

    Am I missing the “provocative” part?

  • RAYY

    Yeah, he looks pretty hot there, but it’s probably just the sunglasses!

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