The Pentagon Says Gay Soldiers Can Now Enlist. Military Recruiters, Not So Much

If you’re looking for something to do this weekend (and everyday for the next few years), the Pentagon just halted Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell and says openly gay soldiers can now enlist. Lucky us. Now homos can travel the world, meet new and interesting people… and kill them.

So why are some military recruiters still turning homogays away?

AmericaBlog‘s Jim Pietrangelo contacted the Los Angeles Central Army Recruiting station and here’s what happened:

“they in no uncertain terms stated that they cannot enlist Gays and have received no change in policy from the Pentagon to do so. Indeed, the recruiter astonishingly told me I couldn’t even begin the application process because I am Gay, much less could I be actually accessed.”

So… is we is or is we ain’t your baby?