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The Pink Elephant in the Room; What Did You Think of GOProud’s Exclusion from the CPAC?

Time for the Queerty weekend post with five of the most compelling, thought-provoking (or just downright bitchy) comments that came directly from you! Here’s what made us ponder or giggle to ourselves in the office.

One of the hottest topics of the week was GOProud’s exclusion from the CPAC. Do they deserve a pity party or did the pink elephants get just what they deserved: to be ignored.

1.The Log Cabin Republicans at least seem to have had some focus on LGB issues, whereas the GOProud folks come across like frat-pack wanna-be’s. CPAC kept them isolated from the adults’ table during their last convention, it’s no surprise they’re not asked to the next one.

Xander commented on Did CPAC Kick GOProud To The Curb Like Last Night’s Trick?

2. If GOProud wants to lay themselves down on the sacrificial altar of CPAC that’s their business. I don’t think that anyone should encourage, dissuade, defend, or block them from making fools out of themselves.

gregger commented on Should We Defend GOProud’s Right To Be Part Of CPAC?

3. Even us crazy lefty liberal homos need to defend the rights of our batshit brainless GOPpy-gay counterparts. Defending that right to organize and participate is not about the politics of the groups involved, it’s simply about being LGBT and demanding the right to be heard. I’m one of those liberals who classifies the Tea Party and the Young Republicans as legitimate terrorist groups, but I would fight tooth and nail to let my idiot conservative gay friends to identify and be heard as idiot conservative gays.

Reed Braden commented on Should We Defend GOProud’s Right To Be Part Of CPAC?

4. It’s refreshing to see gays that are extreme right as opposed to the hysterical left. These guys have balls and they know what they’re doing. They are fiscal conservatives but they also don’t think we need government telling us who to love. GOProud being banned will blow up in CPAC’s face …wait and see.

inoits2 commented on Guess How The Meeting Between GOProud And CPAC Head Honchos Went

5. Being open-minded and accepting of different viewpoints, I support Fred Karger and the plight of Independent Republicans. Not only do these Ind. R’s have to battle a majority of their own party, but they also have to battle the LGBT community that continues to vilify them based on pointless accusation. I would encourage the whole community to re-think their dedication to Democrats, step up to the plate, and maybe (just maybe) accept a different point-of-view.

Andy commented on What Should We Really Expect In Working With Gay And Gay-Friendly Republicans?

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  • Interesting

    People have twisted definitions of being “open minded.” In order to demonstrate that I have an open mind, I must have no judgment about whether I think the activities of CPAC or GOProud are destructive to human rights for LGBTs.

    There are not two sides of equal moral weight to every argument. In the same way, there are not two sides to the Holocaust or Jim Crow or whatever moral evil you want to mention- there are not two sides to the issue of human rights for gay people.

    I think a lot this false equivalence grows out of partisan confusion with ideological beliefs. A partisan is someone who supports a party or a person. Ideological beliefs are ideas that one is advocating regardless of party or person. To link one to the other is a core fallacy is how the parties control us.

    Separating, partisanship from ideology, and looking at ideology alone, I would love to read comments that are a defense of how GOProud does not promote and/or support moral evil other than a vague calling out of “gay left” that does not define the term.

    For the record, supporting the Democrats, or worse, yet, just President Obama, does not make you left wing or liberal, which are themselves two separate ideological principles. It just makes you partisan. So, defending GOProud because Democrats are anti-gay does not equal the left or liberals being anti-gay. The same holds true for conservatives. You need to be able to define the debate in terms of what ideas are being pushed.

    So, defend GOProud by truly being open minded and rational enough to defend what they advocate.

  • randy

    At the last CPAC convention, GOProud was very careful to not actually advocate for marriage equality, support the repeal of DADT, or the repeal of DOMA or the enactment of ENDA. They did claim quite loudly that taxes are too high and that Obama has to go. Evidently, they thought that if they just kept really quiet about any gay issues at all, CPAC would somehow not realize that they are a gay group and go ahead and approve them.

    It didn’t work. It isn’t that they aren’t republican enough, it isn’t that they fail to hate Obama enough. What’s clear is the very fact that they are gay is the issue. This is how intolerant the GOP has become. That isn’t going to change any time soon.

    So what exactly is the point of GOProud? They are not supportive of any issues at all that are important to the gay community. Has anyone from that organization even bothered to submit anything to the It Gets Better video campaign? Or is any attempt to save GLBT youth from suicide just too lefty for them?

    Again, what is the point? It seems they are just another conservative group that supports gun rights, immigration control, low taxes and ousting Obama. Why we need a gay group to push them is beyond me.

    I suspect that GOProud consists of about three or four guys (no women of course!) who just like to see themselves on tv. Their support is neither deep nor broad, and now we see that they are completely ineffective. Why they get any coverage in the news at all is beyond me. I think that from now on, we treat them as we treat Sarah Palin — a freak sideshow best ignored. They are publicity hounds, nothing more, and if you deprive them of what they crave, they eventually disappear.

  • o

    @Interesting: Nobody who promotes the false equivalence actually believes it. Hence, it’s not about ideology. It’s about liars.

    @Queerty, can you specify which comments made you giggle and which ones made you ponder? Thanks.

  • Little Kiwi

    It’s awesome that they’re banned. Maybe now they’ll wake the fuck up. They were never accepted, anyway. Only tolerated on the condition that they cut off their balls in front of their chosen Slavemasters.

    Those who defend GOProud….dudes, get over yourselves. We get it – your right-wing parents resent you for being a gay and you have to fight to let them know you’re not “one of those liberals.”

    Grow Some Orbs.

    Remember the oh-so-positive impact GOProud brought to CPAC last year?
    Check this out in case you forget:


  • Little Kiwi

    If GOProud existed to build bridges between Conservatives/Republicans and the LGBT Community, I’d have to give them respect.

    Alas, they’re simply a small group of White, Moneyed, Reluctant Homosexuals who exist to not build bridges, but save their own asses by distancing themselves from, and actually attacking, the rest of the Gay Communities.

    They have capers for testes.


  • jockjack5

    I’m a conservative openly gay Republican.

    I find it ironic that much of the vitriol and hateful speech comes from other queers on the liberal left.

    Sure, Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh do not support gay marraige, but I am welcomed within the Republican party and will work to change some of their views as it pertains to things gay. But I DO feel welcomed and have never been made to feel uncomfortable.

    Finally, Little Kiwi seems rather obsessed with testicles. Perhaps his name says it all.

    My balls, on the other hand, are rather over-sized and I love the way they feel in my jock-strap, especially after I have shaved them… just sayin’

  • Little Kiwi

    Oh, Jockjack. Yeah. You’re *so* welcomed. They’ll take your money and your vote, but they won’t give you your Equality.

    We get it. Mommy and Daddy don’t accept you but tolerate you as long as you tow the line with the GOP.

    Your statement about Coulter and Limbaugh? Hilarious. As if they’re the “only two” Republicans who are anti-gay.

    That’s pathetic. Sure, you never feel uncomfortable. But you also haven’t changed any hearts or minds. You give them no reason to respect you or fight for your Equality because you show that you’ll support them even while they don’t support you.

    You can claim any faux-victimhood “oh, liberal queers are viotriolic!” nonsense that you want. The reality is this: I will call you a coward, and a wimp and an Uncle Tom, but at the end of the day I’m working for, championing, and fighting for and VOTING FOR your Equality as an LGBT American who deserves full and Equal treatment and respect

    Your chosen political allies and your own family, on the other hand, pretend to accept you, welcome you in, take your money, take your vote, and say they love you, and then vote against your Equality as an LGBT American and deny your right to equal personhood and respect

    And that’s why you have a case of Stockholm Syndrome.

    But hey, I understand where you’re coming from, if I had your parents I’d need to lie to myself every day in order to deal with the reality that they don’t actually love and support me, too.

    But good for you, moneyed white gay republican wimp, you’re a unique rebel!

  • Little Kiwi

    “I find it ironic that much of the vitriol and hateful speech comes from other queers on the liberal left.”

    that’s because you’re not very bright. you think your family loves you because they say sweet things while denying you your equality. wake up. your family is ashamed of you and doesn’t actually support you.

    they just pretend. it must suck to know that your mother and father don’t actually care about your Equality as a gay man.

    keep lying to yourself. it’s your life to waste.


  • Interesting

    @jockjack5: Marketing 24/7. Look, if you need to lie because you think it will win the debate, that says you are a liar, not that you won the debate. Nearly everything you wrote is very common in politics on just about every issue. I suppose for the great many Americans your kind of crassness works because most Americans are not really interested in avoiding the Marketing 101 manipulations.

    Let’s take one of the Marketing ploys: Use language that you know has an emotional impact on your audience.

    How do you do that here?

    “vitriol and hateful speech”

    Liberals want to think of themselves as open minded. So we are suppose to debate you about how open minded we are or “non-hateful” we are while you push some really vile shit.

    I am on the left. I don’t feel the need to try to convince you of my open mindedness. What you deserve is my judgment.

  • Interesting

    @Little Kiwi: Agree 100 percent. I have a family that is conservative, and they have accepted me without any reservations about my rights. The idea that one is supposed to choose between being equal or their love is the part that’s really fucked up here. Either they choose their party or being gay.

  • Little Kiwi

    JockJack reminds me of this quote….

    [to a stadium full of Christians] “While you were sleeping last night, 30,000 kids died of starvation or diseases related to malnutrition. Second, most of you don’t give a shit. What’s? more is that you’re more upset with the fact that I just said ‘shit’ than the fact that 30,000 kids died last night.” — Tony Campolo

    This is what GOP-suckups like JockJack do – they ignore the reality of rights denied and bigotry promoted against THEM by their family and chosen allies, and instead say “oh, you liberal queers called me names!”

    yeah. i’ll call you a name while i support your right to Equality.
    Your Mom and Dad? They kiss your forehead, say “we love you”, and then vote to ensure that you remain a demonized second-clas citizen.

    Your priorities are reversed, and it’s due to the fact that acknowledging that your family doesn’t support you would likely break you in two.

    But that’s not my problem. Invest in a spine.

  • jockjack5

    My goodness.

    The little in Little Kiwi’s screen name is no idle adjective.

    It is entirely representative of his small mind.

    He has made my point for me and there is no need to review and respond line-by-line to his hateful comments. They are self-evident.

    He has probably spent the last several hours frantically checking and re-checking to see if I responded to his foaming-at-the-mouth ranting’s, but will now, hopefully, be able to peacefully sleep in the fetal position while he sucks his thumb and dreams of one day having an over-sized penis.

    Sleep tight little one….

  • Shannon1981

    @jockjack5: You only throw insults because you know Little Kiwi is right. You and all your conservative counterparts haven’t done a damn thing but give votes to people who hate you(but are despicable enough to take your misguided support just the same), and accomplish nothing in the name of Equality. You’re nothing but legacy kids whose parents are ashamed of who they are. Fucking pathetic.

  • jockjack5

    @Shannon1981: I’ve always loved the name Shannon.

    Since my parents seem be be a recurring theme here, you should know that they contemplated naming me Shannon when I was born, or so I’ve been told, but decided against it because they thought it was too gender confusing and decided on Leslie instead.

    You can only imagine the deep emotional scars my name left on me growing up, so I have used the name Butch since the age of 13… but I am, proudly, still a sissy bottom.

  • Shannon1981

    @jockjack5: You are avoiding the issue here. Man up and stop supporting people who pretty much wish you were dead.

  • jockjack5

    @Shannon1981: Shannon…. this back and forth with you is making me incredibly horny.

    Are you cut or un-cut?

  • jockjack5

    Well… it’s getting to be my bedtime here in Key West and I have a busy day planned tomorrow… TGIM (thank God it’s Monday) and all that stuff.

    I have to be at Boca Chica Naval Air Station at 0700 hours for two hours of touch-and-go landings in my F-14 fighter jet… carrier landing practice… so I’ll be ready to protect and defend this country against any foreign or domestic threats.

    My parents are bursting with pride every day over who and what I am… an officer and a gentleman who happens to be gay… in the United States Navy.

  • hf2hvit

    @jockjack5: YOU ARE A DORK! THose people would rather see you DEAD

  • hf2hvit

    @Little Kiwi: AMEN!

  • tjr101

    Gay Republicans will never get the fact that they will not be accepted by the GOP. They don’t respond to reason and feel the need to throw insults at and blame the gay left for their own inadequacies. Many gay Republicans are trust fund ninnies that are more concerned with taxation that gaining full equality.

    Despite the fact that Mitt Romney signed the pledge by NOM many of them will still vote for him and even worst Michelle Bachmann if she wins the nomination.

  • Shannon1981

    @jockjack5: Depends on which dildo I am wearing that day. Your sorry ass would never get anywhere near this, anyway, though. I have self respect, unlike you.

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  • Henry

    Jockjack5 is another Charles Rozier (inoits2) alt. It’s true enough that his parents didn’t accept him, since he was raped by his father in middle school. Because Charles is a psychopath, I don’t have much sympathy for him.

  • Alex

    @Henry: So whenever he shows up, all we have to do is remind him he was raped? Sounds good to me.

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