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The Pink Elephant in the Room; What Did You Think of GOProud’s Exclusion from the CPAC?

Time for the Queerty weekend post with five of the most compelling, thought-provoking (or just downright bitchy) comments that came directly from you! Here’s what made us ponder or giggle to ourselves in the office.

One of the hottest topics of the week was GOProud’s exclusion from the CPAC. Do they deserve a pity party or did the pink elephants get just what they deserved: to be ignored.

1.The Log Cabin Republicans at least seem to have had some focus on LGB issues, whereas the GOProud folks come across like frat-pack wanna-be’s. CPAC kept them isolated from the adults’ table during their last convention, it’s no surprise they’re not asked to the next one.

Xander commented on Did CPAC Kick GOProud To The Curb Like Last Night’s Trick?

2. If GOProud wants to lay themselves down on the sacrificial altar of CPAC that’s their business. I don’t think that anyone should encourage, dissuade, defend, or block them from making fools out of themselves.

gregger commented on Should We Defend GOProud’s Right To Be Part Of CPAC?

3. Even us crazy lefty liberal homos need to defend the rights of our batshit brainless GOPpy-gay counterparts. Defending that right to organize and participate is not about the politics of the groups involved, it’s simply about being LGBT and demanding the right to be heard. I’m one of those liberals who classifies the Tea Party and the Young Republicans as legitimate terrorist groups, but I would fight tooth and nail to let my idiot conservative gay friends to identify and be heard as idiot conservative gays.

Reed Braden commented on Should We Defend GOProud’s Right To Be Part Of CPAC?

4. It’s refreshing to see gays that are extreme right as opposed to the hysterical left. These guys have balls and they know what they’re doing. They are fiscal conservatives but they also don’t think we need government telling us who to love. GOProud being banned will blow up in CPAC’s face …wait and see.

inoits2 commented on Guess How The Meeting Between GOProud And CPAC Head Honchos Went

5. Being open-minded and accepting of different viewpoints, I support Fred Karger and the plight of Independent Republicans. Not only do these Ind. R’s have to battle a majority of their own party, but they also have to battle the LGBT community that continues to vilify them based on pointless accusation. I would encourage the whole community to re-think their dedication to Democrats, step up to the plate, and maybe (just maybe) accept a different point-of-view.

Andy commented on What Should We Really Expect In Working With Gay And Gay-Friendly Republicans?