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The Politician Calling On Barack Obama Not To Appeal DADT Is a Republican?

Gary Johnson, the anti-tax crusader and former New Mexico governor (until 2003), is a big giant Republican. (I hear some people are born with it.) But that’s not keeping him from lashing out against Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and insisting the White House let Judge Phillips’ “ruling stand and move on. … Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell has always been wrong and it is still wrong.” As with any Republican willing to open his mouth, Johnson’s name is being floated as a potential 2012 president candidate, but he’ll have to get through Ron Paul first.

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  • J Dav

    Pathetic, pathetic title… Equally pathetic is the premise of this post. There have been numerous democratic politicians calling for the administration to not appeal the DADT decision.

    Top of the list is Senator Kirsten Gillibrand; who has been a very good ally. I’m starting to think Queerty is a republican operative. The democrats may be very, very deficient on gay issues, but anyone who pretends that republican politicians are generally more of an ally is absolutely nuts. And to go further and imply that republicans are generally better on gay issues, as queerty has been doing, is even more insane!

  • the crustybastard

    @J Dav:

    Or it could be an expression of shock that even Republicans are starting to smarten up on the issue.

    Your Dear Leader, notsomuch.

  • jamison

    @J Dav: Queerty is the biggest closet conservative i’ve ever met!

  • Ryanthehulk

    The reason that Queerty covers stories like this is the same reason you would cover a fish walking on land, it’s a hell of a story. It’s nothing if a Liberal comes out against anti LGBT policies, but if a conservative does, well that’s a fish walking on land.

  • Chitown Kev

    Gary Johnson is a libertarian Republican who favors, for example, the legalization of drugs.

    He’s actually nowhere near as much of a curmudgeon as Ron Paul.

    He was actually a decent Republican when he was thegovernor of New Mexico.

    Oh, he supports civil unions but not gay marriage.

    Oh, and he is running for President in 2012.

  • Chitown Kev

    For example, he has a common sense position on immigration…one can disagree with the specifics but he’s far from a raging bigot like Jan Brewer.

    And…yeah, for an older guy he is kinda sorta cute.

    Not that I would vote for him but I could see myself voting for this type of Republican and not the asshats with whom 95% of the party supports.

  • Scott

    Or maybe there are actually Republicans that agree that DADT is stupid and needs to go?

    I would suggest taking allies where you can find them. The more republicans that support gay rights then maybe one day they will outnumber the religion nuts in the party.

  • reason

    This guy is a needle in the haystack, the GOP’s platform is anti-gay and that is the bottom line. A few republicans supporting the ending of DADT means absolutely nothing, and predicts absolutely nothing about the GOP.

  • JumpingUp

    Scott : Too many gays don’t want to hear that. It has to be where EVERY Republican is a total homophobe and EVERY Democrat is a gay ally in their storybook black-and-white world. When a Republican takes a pro-gay position it causes them nothing but stress rather than happy recognition.

  • the crustybastard

    So he’s also better on fixing our draconian, absurd marijuana laws than the Dear Prohibitionist Leader?

    It took one Constitutional amendment to prohibit adults from enjoying recreational alcohol, and it took another to return control to the states, yet other mild recreational intoxicants can be absolutely banned at the whim of the Attorney General?

    Why should the USAG (a lawyer and political appointee) have any power to declare that a substance has no medical use simply by ignoring any contradictory medical or other scientific evidence?

    Because of these totalitarian laws, thousands of people are put in prison and their property is legally stolen by the government.

    Obama’s position is what you’d expect.

    BAIT: “We are sending far too many first-time, nonviolent drug users to prison for very long periods of time, and that we should rethink those laws.” (Obama, 2008)

    SWITCH: “We will vigorously enforce the [Controlled Substances Act] against those individuals and organizations that possess, manufacture or distribute marijuana for recreational use, even if such activities are permitted under state law.” (AG Holder, last week)

  • reason

    @the crustybastard: You seem to hate the American democracy, upholding U.S. law is performing their constitutional duty. If Eric Holder was not upholding U.S. law, and granting himself the power to decide what is legal and what is not would be disturbing. Your use of the term dear leader leads me to believe that you have warm feelings toward dictatorships.

  • whatever

    Wake me up when an ELECTED Repuke wants to repeal DADT, esp. one of the 41 regressive morons in the Senate.

  • whatever

    @JumpingUp: wow, an unelected Republican whose political career is over holds a lukewarm pro-gay position. let me jump for joy. yaaaaawn.

  • the crustybastard


    You seem to hate doing research. Upholding unconstitutional laws is a violation of the president’s oath of office, and therefore there is no such “duty” as you imagine.

    The CSA allows for no exceptions for medical marijuana; however, the Obama Administration has decided not to prosecute medical marijuana dispensaries. Therefore, he is not upholding federal law, is he?

    OMFG!!! Are you terribly, terribly disturbed by this revelation?

    My use of the term “Dear Leader” is a way to mock the sort of partisans who can find no fault with Obama, and insist we share their enthusiasm for the brighter future of single-party rule. People like you.

  • Rebecca

    Wow. I’m confused is GetEqual going to protest this guy or not?

  • reason

    @the crustybastard: Who deemed U.S. drug law unconstitutional? The justice department said it would not be a priority, just as certain crimes dropped in priority after 9.11. Never once has the attorney general said that it is not illegal. If the administration is not prosecuting medical marijuana dispensaries, then why the huge federal bust last month in Harry Reid’s Nevada?

    If I recall, the president has stated many times that opposition is healthy for a democracy. Actually I do differ from the president and his party in a number of policies granted I am pro-life, pro-gun, support reduction in some corporate taxes, share some foreign policy views with Pat Buchanan, and for implementing some measures of tort reform for starters. Secondly the GOP are much stronger opponents of loosing drug laws than the democrats. I am also a firm believer in things are not black and white and will support good measures or ideas from any party, even if the contradict my ideology.

  • tjr101

    The fact that this guy (who ever he is) voices his opinion in favor of repeal of DADT is in fact a recognition on his part that he doesn’t stand a chance in hell of getting the Republican nomination. Smart man!

  • cls

    I’ve met Johnson and spent time talking to him about the issues. He’s a good man who is sympathetic to the gay community, but like all Republicans held hostage by his party (much the way no Democrat can resist the special interests and support lower taxes).

    Johnson supports civil unions and, based on my conversation with him, is someone I believe is very open on gay marriage rights as well.

    He is not your typical Republicans. I also saw an interview when he chided Tea Party types for their anti-immigration views. Johnson should be supported.

  • reason

    Taxes have been cut during this administration, and Bush also chided the GOP for their anti-immigration views before he caved on the Dubai Ports World deal. The general trend does support peoples inability to break from these rigid party ideals, which I think is crazy. It literally means that you have stopped evaluating things and just make decision based on preconceived notions. Could you imagine a doctor walking in with a manual from the 30’s and just evaluating you based on that without any exploration. If the government ran out of money and had to fire the vast majority of their workers stalling the economy the GOPs solution would be cut taxes to restart the economy.

  • Queer Supremacist

    Johnson in 2012! End the war on drugs and the war on gays!

  • Brutus

    @the crustybastard: Rethinking the law is consistent with enforcing it while it’s still on the books. How many times, and in how many contexts, are you going to fail to see this distinction?

  • the crustybastard


    So enforcing all the Jim Crow laws on the books was necessary and proper for as long as it took for a Congressional majority to “rethink” institutionalized racism?

    Wow. That’s quite a unique and astonishing perspective.

    So yeah, I guess I’m going to “fail to see this distinction” for a very, very long time. Sorry to disappoint.

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