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The Poor, Old, Male, Uneducated, And Born Again Christians Most Likely To Oust Iowa Supreme Court Judges

If it were up to voters — and it is — Iowa’s three Supreme Court justices up for re-election, who all joined the bench’s 69-page April 2009 unanimous decision legalizing same-sex marriage, would be kicked out by 40 percent of those going to the polls, while 44 percent would vote to re-up, says a new poll; 16 percent said they would vote to keep some but not all. Who wants to keep ’em? “Democrats, women, younger Iowans, union households, and those with high incomes and college degrees.” Who wants to remove ’em? “Senior citizens, Republicans, men, tea party supporters, born-again Christians, low-income voters and those with only a high school education.” Just a reminder to everyone: Voting these judges out doesn’t reverse their gay marriage ruling. And removing any of these justices — which has never happened even once since Iowa instated such a system — will likely lead to states revamping the way they’re chosen.