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The Pope’s Gay Friend Insists Meeting With Kim Davis Was A Set-Up

1507245_10151969498011559_1742031793_oYayo Grassi, the gay former student of Pope Francis‘ who met with him last week, has claimed the meeting between Francis and Rowan County clerk Kim Davis was a set-up.

Speaking with Washington Post reporter EJ Dionne on The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell, Grassi insists the Pope knew the man at his side was his boyfriend.

“Oh absolutely, yes yes,” Grassi said. “In the video, that segment you just showed, when I introduced him to my boyfriend he said, ‘oh yes, of course, I remember you. We met in San Pietro.”

Asked how he felt about the meeting with Kim Davis, Grassi noted, “He basically was set up for this meeting with Mrs. Davis. I think that he was extremely surprised. I was very surprised and very suspicious from the very beginning that this was not something that came naturally from the Pope as an invitation. When things started to come out was when I realized… I think that I know who was behind this. And I honestly wouldn’t have said anything had it not been that the Vatican press office released that statement and somehow, the press got a hold of me.”

Watch the segment here.

H/t: LGBTQ Nation