what abuse?

The Power Rangers Backlash Against David Yost Begins

While Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers‘s Red Ranger (Austin St. John) might’ve done porn for a certain amateur website (as Sean), we learned this week Blue ranger, played by the now openly gay David Yost, quit the show over rampant homophobia. But what’s this about Yost being a “pain in the ass” and there being no anti-gay atmosphere on set?

Scott Page-Pagter, a producer of some 450 MMPR episodes, says (to a website we don’t link to) of Yost, “I don’t know why he’s saying this, but he was the only one no one got along with … he was a pain in the ass.” Yost “and two of the other actors were all getting a bonus on top of their salary. When the other two left the show, production wanted to stop giving him the bonus, and that’s ultimately what led to his departure from the show.”

Could money have also been a factor? Sure! We all know our souls — and tolerance for anti-gay environments — all have a price tag. Or maybe straight guys like Page-Pagter, who aren’t victims of anti-gay abuse, just fail to see what all the furor is about because they’re not the victim. So many plausible scenarios, I might need Yellow Ranger’s help in figuring this one out.