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  • screwthat

    OMG, is Perez snorting something between 3:00 and 3:05?

  • willam

    Jessica & Hunter were birthed in the foamy waters of the LA river, found their talent in a cold reading class in the valley and deserve the finer things in life that the likes of Maria Menunous & Billy Bush have like sectional sofas & unpasteurized orange juice.

  • Me

    That was… yeah. Jessica strikes me as one of those obnoxious girls who thinks she is automatically fabulous-by-association. In reality, she’s a big tool. He’s beneath mentioning. While the the show and the little pre-party certainly isn’t my bag, it could have at least been an interesting watch in better hands. Seriously, LOGO… do you even TRY? On-air talent auditions should consist of more than a little slap-n-tickle.

  • villager

    Those two are trainwrecks! WTF were they even saying?

  • HaplessOrphan

    I don’t know what all of this hating is for! The show is pretty fucking awesome, and most of my exposure to drag is the NYC panty parties of the earl(ier) aughts and “Bodies That Matter.” It works on a critical level, and on a pure-entertainment level. Watched the promo DVD (first two episodes—something about “first two” sounds weird to me) first with my BF and then with some girlfriends, and they all LOVED it. Also, it has a leg up (so to speak) on ANTM because, as my bf says, you don’t have to show these queens how to strike a pose!

  • HaplessOrphan

    Also… this is more interesting than most of the stuff they have on Logo these days. I mean, honestly, how many times can you watch “Billy’s Hollywood Screen Kiss”??

  • alex the sea turtle

    That last squeal made my dogs freak! There really should be a warning for things like that. Oh wait this was a Ru Paul’s Drag Race party clip I guess you it should be expected.

  • BrianZ

    O I watched with the impression it would be all Ru-Tastic … and all I got was this horrid taste from throwing up in my mouth *just a bit* from seeing Perez without makeup. Is it just me or could he easily have been that kid that Haggard tossed off in front of?

    The interview duo were clowns, might have been more fun after their buzz mellowed.

    I can’t wait to see the show though: I’ve always enjoyed RuPaul and she’ll finally give me a second reason to watch Logo. Rick and Steve obviously being the other ;)

  • mizarkey

    Coco Peru said it best regarding the LOGO channel
    “I accidentally turned it on once, and the plants left the room.”

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