“The Price Is Right” Finally Hires Male Barker’s Beauties

It’s been on for like 800 years, but The Price is Right is only now getting around to inviting men to be spokesmodels on the long-running CBS game show.

Well, “spokesmodel” suggests they speak—let’s call them prize-pointers.

After an open call in Los Angeles on August 28—when entrants will be judged on “verbal skills, posing and ability to properly showcase a product”—visitors will be able to go to The Price is Right website and YouTube channel and vote on the finalists. (The winner will be featured on the show the week of October 15.)

When Bob Barker took over Price in 1972 he instituted Barker’s Beauties, a parade of pretty women who helped showcase the goods. Of course he ended up getting brought up on sexual-harassment charges with most of them.

Give how kinky current host Drew Carey is, the new guys might want to keep an eye out.

Photo: CBS


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  • John Mastrangelo

    It’s about time the Price is Right catches is catching up with the times

  • ned

    Bob Barker would turn over in his grave, and he’s not even dead yet.

  • kawneekwa

    Drew Carey he a kinkster.

  • Jeff

    Do horny housewives want to see cute girls or cute guys? Can’t believe it took so long to figure this one out. Think Magic Mike.

  • Hyhybt

    The headline is atrocious. No “Barker’s Beauties” without Bob Barker, logically enough.

    (And Drew said, on taking the job, he wouldn’t use any similar term because it’s demeaning.)

  • Dinodogstar

    Yep, Bob Barker might turn over in his grave, bc this is one model he won’t be trying to schtuopt! However, I don’t think Merv Griffin would be really unhappy about it…The active feminists, I as I recall from my childhood in the late 70’s, were really more about stopping any demeaning sexualization of women, the seeing of them as only pretty sex-objects to be ooggled and drolled over, and not this weird equal-opportunity oppressional tangent, making the same climate for men to endure as well. …Oh, I’m still going to vote and watch the Price Is Right, but I won’t be proud of it..

  • Hyhybt

    I don’t imagine Merv Griffin would care much one way or the other what models appear on TPIR (so long as the change didn’t steal too many Wheel of Fortune viewers, back when the shows were scheduled at the same time.)

    It seems worth mentioning, though, that Sale of the Century was using models of both sexes in the 80s.

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