“The Price Is Right” Finally Hires Male Barker’s Beauties

It’s been on for like 800 years, but The Price is Right is only now getting around to inviting men to be spokesmodels on the long-running CBS game show.

Well, “spokesmodel” suggests they speak—let’s call them prize-pointers.

After an open call in Los Angeles on August 28—when entrants will be judged on “verbal skills, posing and ability to properly showcase a product”—visitors will be able to go to The Price is Right website and YouTube channel and vote on the finalists. (The winner will be featured on the show the week of October 15.)

When Bob Barker took over Price in 1972 he instituted Barker’s Beauties, a parade of pretty women who helped showcase the goods. Of course he ended up getting brought up on sexual-harassment charges with most of them.

Give how kinky current host Drew Carey is, the new guys might want to keep an eye out.

Photo: CBS