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The (Private) Prom Constance McMillen Can Bring Her Girlfriend To

It’s hard to keep straight all the proms Mississippi high school senior Constance McMillen has been banned from and invited to. At last count, both Itawamba Agricultural High School’s school prom and a private prom organized by parents were nixed. Then there was an “all-inclusive” prom, sponsored by the Empowering Spirits Foundation, that is still a go for May 8. But now there is another private prom? Put on by parents? That Constance is invited to?

And she can wear her tux? And bring her girlfriend?

Oddly, the news of this second private prom comes from Michele Floyd, an attorney for the school — even though the prom is being hosted by the parents of a classmate. But so far, we haven’t heard whether Constance has accepted the invite. (Nor have we heard who this classmate or the parents are!) UPDATE: This report says Constance is confirmed.

Go get ’em, girl.